"...dream like you'll live forever; live like you'll die tomorrow..."


- James Dean, Actor





- 詹姆士迪恩、演員

Never let people tell you what you can and cannot do! Never stop inspiring others and being inspired by others! Never give up without trying!


First impression of me: Bitchy

Second impression of me: Funny and quirky


不要讓別人告訴你甚麼是你可以或不可以做的! 不要停止啓發感動別人和被別人啓發與感動! 不要還沒嘗試就先放棄了!


對我的第一印象: 陰沈又欠扁

對我的第二印象: 很好笑

// Self Introduction in 6 Languages in 32 sec.

// 32秒用6種語言自我介紹

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